"Siempre autónoma. Por mi patria educaré."

Today’s students live in an environment which is continually changing. We are faced with an entirely new situation in education where the goal of education is the facilitation of change and learning.

Educators have recently emphasized the fact that students are individuals with different needs, styles and interests, and that we, as educators should take these differences into account while when we are providing for their learning.

The primary aim of the setting of a Self-access center is to enable learning to take place independently. Students are able to choose and use self-access material on their own and the material allows them to correct or assess their own performance. By using such a self-access facility, students are able to direct their own learning.

Self-access learning takes place in conjunction with classroom learning and is complementary to it. It is well known that most successful language learning strategies are connected with assuming responsibility for one’s own learning.

The Self-Access Center (SAC) at DUI (Departamento Universitario de Inglés) is a modern language lab for students to learn English language and improve their skills through self directed study.


In order to reach its goals, the SAC provides access to a wide range of materials in six differents areas.
  • Computing
  • Reading
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Conversation
  • Karaoke

The English Department has three SAC's in the city and one in CD. Valles, Rioverde and two in Matehuala, All of this aimed so that each student has the opportunity to complement his/her learning. Each SAC is provided with reading rooms, computing equipment, interactive material for each of the cognition levels, conversation rooms and audio and video spaces.