"Siempre autónoma. Por mi patria educaré."


This course allows you to complete one level in a short time, so that you can continue advancing in the English program or to complete those levels you are missing before you graduate



  • The course lasts for 30 days.
  • Classes run from Monday through Friday, from 18:00 to 21:00 hours.
  • Class sessions include three 60-minute blocks.  Two hours for theory and one hour for SAC practice.
  • The 90 hours in the course will be enough to cover all the units in the books.
  • There is only one teacher per group.
  • Once registered, there aren´t any group or room changes.
  • There are two exams, mid-term and final.
  • The grading criteria are as follows:



LEVEL Written Test Speaking test Others (portfolio)
Basic I and II 70 20 10
Intermediate I and II 60 30 10
Advanced 50 40 10





Requirements to get course credits:

  • Register on time.
  • Attend at least two-thirds of the course.
  • Complete all the units in both the student’s book and the workbook, as well as participate actively.
  • Use a “tracking form” at SAC.
  • Get at least 6 on average between the two tests.


Important information:

  • Group availability depends on demand in each campus.
  • A minimum of 17 students is required per group. Groups with fewer students will be canceled and that level will not be available in that campus.
  • Full payment is due before the course starts. There are no partial payments or discounts.
  • Students who have already finished their school will have to pay additional fees to enroll the university again.



  1. Go with the “Secretario Académico” at your school, who will help you determine whether this course is your best option.
  2. Request a letter of registration. If you must enroll again, there will be two letters, one for DUI and one for “Secretaría General de la UASLP”.
  3. Once you get the letter, bring it to DUI offices to register in the course. If you need to enroll again, remember to also take the second letter to “Secretaría General de la UASLP”.
  4. Registration to the course will be according to the calendar. Go to DUI “Control Escolar” offices and request a payment format.
  5. Pay at “cuotas y colegiaturas” office in the campus where you will attend your course.
  6. Once you make your payment, bring the receipt to DUI offices to be placed in a group.
  7. When you are placed in a group, arrive on time to find your classroom.
  8. If for any reason you are not in the attendance list the first day, tell your teacher or the campus coordinator.